We Deliver! – Call: (949) 398.7300
We Deliver! - Call: (949) 398.7300

Entrees & Pastas

All Entrees Served with Your Choice of Linguini or Sautéed Vegetables.

Add Your Choice of a Small House Salad or Homemade Soup for $2.00.

Entrees Description Price
Shrimp Scampi Fresh Shrimp Sautéed in Garlic Lemon Sauce $14.95
Veal Marsala Veal Sautéed w/ Red onions, Mushrooms & Marsala Wine $15.95
Chicken Marsala Tender Chicken Sautéed w/ Red Onions, Mushrooms & Marsala Wine $13.95
Chicken Piccata Tender Chicken Sautéed w/ Lemon, Capers, Mushrooms & White Wine $13.95
Salmon Piccata Grilled Salmon w/ Lemon, Capers, Mushrooms & White Wine $15.95
Veal Piccata Veal Sautéed w/ Lemon, Capers, Mushrooms & White Wine $15.95
Chicken Parmigiana Breaded Chicken Topped with Marinara Sauce & Mozzarella $12.95
Eggplant Parmigiana Breaded Eggplant Topped with Marinara Sauce & Mozzarella 12.95

Add Your Choice of a Small House Salad or Homemade Soup for $2.00.

Pastas Description Price
Spaghetti Bolognese Lean Ground Beef, Tomatoes, Italian Spices $11.95
Lasagna Meat or Vegatable – Topped w/Marinara Sauce $11.95
Spaghetti and Meatballs Italian Meatballs w/ Marinara Sauce $11.95
Spaghetti w/Sausage Sliced Italian Sausage w/Marinara Sauce $12.95
Spinach Manicotti Shells Stuffed w/Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheese in a Creamy Spinach Marinara $10.95
Fettuccini Alfredo Fresh Fettuccini Tossed with Creamy Parmesan Cheese Sauce (w/ Chicken $11.95 or w/ Shrimp $14.95) $9.95
Gnocchi Julieta Potato Pasta w/Fresh Spinach, Tomatoes, Red Onion and Mushrooms in Marscapone Cream Sauce (w/ Chicken $13.95) $11.95>
Mama Mia! House Speciality. Penne w/ Chicken Breast, Sun-dried Tomatoes & Artichoke Hearts in Creamy Marinara Sauce 12.95
Penne Arrabbiata Penne w/ Chicken, Roma Tomatoes, Mushrooms in Spicy Red Sauce $12.95
Chicken Vodka Penne w/ Chicken in Creamy Spicy Vodka Sauce $11.95
Chicken Pesto Penne w/ Chicken, Sun Dired Tomatoes and Asparagus in Creamy Pesto Sauce $11.95
Chicken Tequila Fettuccini w/ Chicken, Mixed Bell Peppers, Red onion & Cilantro in our Tequila Lime Cream Sauce $11.95
Chicken Florentine Fettuccini w/ Chicken, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Spinach, Olives in our Alfredo Sauce $12.95
Chicken Tortellini Cheese Tortellini w/ Chicken, Spinach, and Asparagus in Gorgonzola Cream Sauce $12.95
Ravioli di Formaggio Cheese Ravioli w/Spinach in Creamy Pesto Sauce $11.95
Chicken Carbonara Spaghetti w/Chicken, Bacon & Peas in Light Cream Sauce $13.95
Risotto Genovese Sausage, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Asparagus in Pesto Sauce $13.95
Tony’s Special A House Favorite! Penne w/ Fresh Shrimp, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Asparagus in our Creamy Alfredo Sauce $14.95
Seafood Pasta Linguini w/ Fresh Shrimp, Scallops in Creamy Marinara Sauce $15.95
Linguini Vongole Linguini w/ Baby Clams in Your Choice of Marinara Sauce or Alfredo Sauce $12.95
Shrimp Alla Checca Angel Hair Pasta Mixed w/ Fresh Tomatoes, Basil,Garlic & Olive Oil $14.95
Pasta Neptune Linguini w/ Shrimp, Scallops, Spinach, Mushrooms in Gorgonzola Cream Sauce (Substitute Tortellini $16.95) $14.95
Cajun Risotto Shrimp, Chicken, Sausage, Tomatoes, Mixed Bell Peppers in Spicy Cajun Cream Sauce $14.95
*Prices are subject to change…

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